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Бие даасан аюулгүй байдлын туршилтаар тогтмол 1-р байр эзэлдэг бөгөөд бүх төрлийн байгууллагын найдвартай хамгаалалтыг хангадаг.
Efficient Management
All security activities are managed from a single console and single agent.
Full Operational Control
Highly granular security policies ensure maximum protection with minimum effort.
GravityZone Business Security Technologies
An adaptive-layered architecture that includes endpoint controls, prevention, detection, remediation and visibility.
Preemptive Protection
Ransomware Mitigation is a feature designed to mitigate the impact of an active ransomware attack. identifies whenever a possible new ransomware strain attempts to encrypt files and automatically creates a backup of targeted files that will be restored after the malware is blocked. Bitdefender blocks processes involved in the attack and starts remediation, while also notifying IT administrators.
Blocking & Prevention
Several adaptive defenses come to play against ransomware:
- Machine Learning Anti-Malware accurately detects new patterns at runtime,
- Advanced Anti-Exploit quickly identifies and terminates malicious processes automatically
- Network Attack Defense blocks ransomware exploits that arrive via network ingress points.
Real-Time Monitoring & Risk Mitigation
GravityZone’s multiple risk mitigation technologies ensure that system and application vulnerabilities and misconfigurations don’t leave organizations susceptible to ransomware attacks. The unique Human Risk Analytics module blocks ransomware attacks that exploit risky user actions and behaviors.
Industry Recognition
Bitdefender is recognized by industry analyst firms and independent testing organizations.
System requirements
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